“I work for Atlantic Living Property Management, and have coverage through DCM Consulting Ltd. at work. I have called on different occasions, for clarity on coverage etc… and each time, I have been greeted kindly by the representative of DCM Consulting. (I personally enjoy speaking with Lorie, who is very helpful and kind.) I am very pleased with DCM Consulting taking care of my coverage, due to their superb customer service! Thanks again.”
Bonnie Byrne

“I have had a wonderful experience with DCM Consulting and the best part is that I don’t feel like another number! Not only is the health insurance set up with the client to best suit their needs, but the outside benefits of being one of their clients is exceptional. Using our special card, we can get significant reductions on purchases with participating merchants. There is very little wait time when submitting receipts for re-imbursement. Any time that I have had need to contact the company they have been more than helpful. I would highly recommend DCM to future clients.”

“I have been a customer of DMC Consulting for 6 1/2 years. I have had excellent service. Direct billing for prescriptions is convenient and hassle free. The big perk with this plan is the customer card for purchases at Lawtons Drug Stores. It provides savings on regular priced items. The savings vary, depending on the type of item that it is. Some Lawtons carry Berkinstock shoes, they can be purchased receiving a significant discount using the customer card. Because of this “bonus card” it has increased the value of my medical plan significantly.”
Working in Comfort