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Manulife Banking Consultant

Alex has a wide range of experience in financial services, including several positions within banking over eight years. He has also worked as a financial advisor for two years and spent one year with a brokerage. Today, Alex applies this experience to his role as a Banking Consultant with Manulife Bank. “With Manulife One you can streamline your banking and increase your control over your day-to-day banking which can be both tremendously empowering and financially liberating. “Combine this with the ability to pay off debts years sooner while potentially saving thousands in interest, and you’ll see there’s really no reason to not have a Manulife One.” Active in several community organizations in the Annapolis Valley, Alex is also fluent in German.

Claimable expenses

Provincial Health Care premiums are not eligible to be expensed through the PHSP.

Most DCM plans include an Out of Country Travel Insurance for personal injury and Medical expenses, it is an eligible expense. Travel related insurance that is not health related is not covered.

You may claim expenses for individuals who are living in your principal residence or household full time and are dependent on you for living expenses. For example, a dependent parent/disabled adult.

Gym membership is not an eligible expense to be be expensed through the PHSP. Employers may allow this type of expense to be paid as a taxable benefit to promote wellness. These expenses are reimbursed to the employee but are a taxable benefit. However, recent tax changes have made certain sports activities for children an eligible expense through the PHSP.